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The Pulse USA

Our monthly publication is called The Pulse USA. We decided on this name because you always want to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on in your town. The Pulse is a monthly publication that connects the community with businesses in the town. The magazine is printed in four color on a very substantial coated stock so that all photos are very vibrant.


Our strategy is to provide a quality publication whereby the content is driven by the community as well as identified professionals who want to educate and give back. We then provide a better user experience online allowing the community to engage with each other an local businesses

Market Strategy

Create a unique community experience by providing an engaging platform.


Support from local businesses providing excellent service and education.


This platform will have sustained traffic and generate more leads to all advertisers.

Benefit of Service

The benefit of The Pulse USA will be the engagement from the community with all of the advertiser within the publication. Local businesses need your support in order to provide continuous quality and service. This will become the number one place where people in the community can come to select a quality vendor.

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