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If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed. We provide accurate analytics for all of our advertisers to show them the value of our platform relative to their ROI. Our goal is to provide lift in your brand while increasing your digital footprint and leads. All advertisers will have a monthly report that is easy to read and understand. The comprehensive report will show number of phone calls, traffic, clicks, form engagement and live chat engagement where applicable.


Our strategy is to provide advertisers with complete analytics of all their marketing campaigns so we can provide them with their ROI. We have the ability to track phone calls, traffic to landing pages, traffic to website, form engagement, live chat engagement, calls from the website, pay per click traffic, Facebook ad traffic and complete engagement.

  • Track All Campaigns
  • Provide ROI
  • Increase Sales

Phone Calls

Track all phone calls from website and landing pages using dedicated phone numbers.

Online Traffic

Track all online traffic using unique URL’s and shortening codes to identify traffic patterns.

Landing Pages

Provide comprehensive report on all traffic to landing pages and squeeze pages with forms.

Benefits of Service

By providing monthly analytics reports to our advertisers we can determine the effectiveness of all our campaigns. Just placing and ad is not good enough in today’s competitive landscape. You have to be able to provide accurate analytics on all traffic from that ad to all landing pages and engagement.

We will track the following:

  • All Ads
  • Phone Calls
  • Landing Page Engagement
  • Live Chat Engagement

Yes, I want better ROI on my advertising.